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It Comes Down To This:

Consumer Motivation Through Creative Communication

     No one provides effectiveness, efficiency, and affordability like Gonzalez Marketing.

Video Production

Audio Production

Graphic Design

Social Media

Web Development


Event Management


Public Relations

Media Buying


Let us help you stay ahead of the curve.

     Creating and sharing media has never been easier. Phones are cameras and come equipment with editing software. Computers are now televisions and televisions are smart. Google from a tablet, attend a teleconference over bluetooth in your car, shop/bank/date all online. We are living in an age where just about anything is literally at your fingertips. But as we know, technology hinders as much as it helps. Let us assist you in navigating your options and tailor a solution that is right now you.

Our Team

     Gonzalez Marketing's Staff has a combined 40 years of experience in media production and advertising. Spanning across several unique demographics, we bring our diverse views and ideas together to create powerful messages that speak on countless levels to vast audiences. We like to think we infuse our work with just the right amount of play to create successful and exciting results for our clients.

  • SG

    Steve Gonzalez

  • JT

    Jenny Thomasson

    VP of Client Services
  • MG

    Mary Gonzalez

    Chief Financial Officer
  • TA

    Tom Anderson

    Video Production Manager
  • AM

    Ashleighanne Minhas

    Special Projects, Media, Design
  • WS

    Will Stephens

    Graphic Designer
  • AW

    Aaron Wiseman

    Video Production Associate
  • CM

    Chelsea Michaels

    Graphic Design & Social Media

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